Story of Survival

I wanted to share an email that I received that is just incredible. Christina’s story is truly an inspiration.

“Thank you so much for all the wonderful support and prayers. I truly believe that I am able to report to you my wonderful news based on the prayers that all of you have made in my behalf. For that I will be eternally grateful.

This morning, 12/2/11, as I was cleaning the “plug” (basically the remains of the Breast Cancer tumor as it was exiting my body) it came off completely in my right hand. The dimensions ended up being nearly 1.5 inches in diameter round and in the deepest spot just over 3/4 inch. It is amazing to report that, outside of seeing my doctor next Tuesday and having a Thermography on my return from the cruise, I can comfortably say I know that I am cancer free. The journey was a tough one.

Quick synopsis:
Started taking estrogen late August – please don’t do this if at all possible – forget hormone replacement too! Its not worth it
Discovered a lump late Sept
Sonogram Oct 1
Diagnosed with Breast Cancer Oct 5th via a phone call while doing a seminar
Started digesting the salve – two feathers – compound Oct 11th.
Topically applied the salve compound Oct 25th
Tumor held in my right hand free from my body Dec 2nd.

The cost of the two feathers – about $140 a container – used 4 containers – will finish out the last one by digesting it for the remainder of this year.
I also relied heavily on a high PH water – Kangen Water Enagic
Supplements from a Nutrionalist – Nelson Bulmash
Changed my eating habits drastically

So this coming Wednesday night 12/7 Brian and I depart for a 12 night cruise around the Tip of Chile and Argentina and will truly enjoy our time together as we celebrate life, our children, family and friends and thank God that this chapter in my life is over.

Currently I have a crater in my breast – from where the tumor was. It is expected to fill in and heal back to nearly normal. Will I have a scar – probably – I have earned it! Was it worth it – WHAT DO YOU THINK 🙂 It was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life but I am so very glad and proud to have done it. I know that this process starved the cancer to death and caused it to collect not just what was found by the sonogram but other areas in my body. I have so many people to thank but most of all I thank Cheryl for being the mentor and champion of having gone through this herself 8 years ago. She gave me the strength and belief in this process. To see her healthy today makes me happy and know that I too am going to be back to complete health very soon. PS I can’t wait to play some tennis again!

I do ask that you continue to include me and Chelsea your prayers as we work to our full recovery levels and be 100% again.

Christina DuBois-Nugent
God Bless You and Yours “